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AAE Certification Examinations, Part 1

AAE Certification Examinations, Part 1
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Answer Sheet For AAE Certification Examinations
Application For Membership in the AAE
Application For Admission Into AAE Certification Program

     We are in the process of placing the examinations on our web page and hope to have this completed within the next 90 days.  Until then, any mini-course examinations not found on our web page can be obtained via mail at our address.  For examinations that are found on our web page, the student will need to print out a blank examination sheet, complete it, and then MAIL IT VIA POSTAL SERVICE to our address.  Sending the answers via e-mail is not acceptable.
     Please refer to the home page for specific information about the certification program.
     For those students with financial difficulties and living in third world countries, the audio cassette tapes by Dr. Walter Martin normally required for purchase for the various courses has been waived.  Those students need to do all of the examinations except those portions for those Dr. Martin's tapes.  All students will need to purchase the following books:
     Lockyer, Dr. Herbert.  All the Doctrines of the Bible.  Zondervan Publishing House, 1964.
     Unger, Dr. Merrill F.  Biblical Demonology: A Study of Spiritual Forces at Work Today.  Kregel Publications, 1994.
     Spurgeon, Charles:
          The Power of Prayer in a Believer's Life.  Emerald Books, 1993.
          Spiritual Warfare in a Believer's Life.  Emerald Books, 1993.
          The Triumph of Faith in a Believer's Life.  Emerald Books, 1994.
     These books can be purchased from,, (Christian Book Distributors), or from the local Christian bookstore.  For those in third world countries where these books cannot be mailed by the above named sources to them, this ministry can provide purchasing and mailing assistance but the student will need to pay for the books and the costs of mailing.
     You will also need to obtain the VHS tape or DVD entitled "The Exorcism of Emily Rose."
Payment can be made by check or money order made out to Jordan Christian Ministries.  Checks or money orders made out any other way will be returned.
     All examinations are open-book.  There is only one correct answer per question.  Using a pencil, completely darken the letter on the answer sheet corresponding to the question on the test.  For True and False questions, True=a and False=b on the answer sheet.  When done with the test, using the postal service, mail the examination to the AAE.  Answer sheets and answers to test questions will not be accepted via e-mail.

Course 1:  Introduction to the Exorcism-Deliverance Ministry.
Course Materials:
Audio Cassette tapes:
Jordan, Dr. William F.  "Introduction to the Exorcism-Deliverance Ministry."  (Included in course fees).
Martin, Dr. Walter R.  "Exorcism: Fact or Fable?"  (Audio Cassette tape that the U.S. student must purchase himself from):
     Walter Martin's Religious Infonet, or through the mail at:
     Walter Martin's Religious Infonet
      P.O. Box 517
      San Juan Capistrano, CA.  92693
VHS or DVD entitled "The Exorcism of Emily Rose."  You should be able to obtain this film from Movies Unlimited (
Instructions:  This is an open-book examination.  There is only one correct answer to each question.  On your printed answer sheet, completely darken with pencil the letter corresponding to the correct answer to each question.  Minimum pass score is 85% (25/30).  For True and False questions, True= a and False= b on your answer sheet.
Jordan, Dr. William.  "Introduction to the Exorcism-Deliverance Ministry", audio cassette tape.
1.)  In the U.S., there is/are __ Bible-based training programs in the Exorcism-Deliverance Ministry that can be taken entirely by Distance Education.
     a.)  1                                            c.)   5
     b.)  2                                            d.)  10
2.)  Involvement in the occult includes:
     a.)  Patronizing psychics.                d.)  All of the above.
     b.)  Fantasy role-playing games.     e.)  None of the above.
     c.)  Using the Ouija board.
3.)  Qualities of an Exorcist include:
     a.)  Desire to make money and be popular.
     b.)  Desire to help those in need.
     c.)  Perseverance to stay in the exorcism process as long as needed.
     d.)  Courage.
     e.)  An active prayer life with God.
     f.)  All of the above except letter "a".
4.)  Preparation for an exorcism include:
     a.)  Obtaining a history of the event.
     b.)  Obtaining a solid research and data base.
     c.)  Determining causes that lead lead to demon possession of your client.
     d.)  Talking to the client's doctors, psychologists, & church pastor.
     e.)  All of the above.
     f.)  Only a and b.
5.)  Signs and symptoms of demonic possession include:
     a.)  Speaking in a language that is foreign to the client.
     b.)  Unusual strength.
     c.)  Speaking in a strange voice, especially if the vocal cords are not used
          to speak.
     d.)  Fear and hatred of Jesus Christ.
     e.)  All of the above.
     f.)  Only a, b, and c.
6.)  The best place to conduct an exorcism is:
     a.)  The exorcist's home.                         c.)  A business office.
     b.)  A church office.                                d.)  In the middle of the street.
7.)  Tools of the Christian exorcist include:
     a.)  The Word of God.                            d.)  All of the above.
     b.)  The love of God.                               e.)  None of the above.
     c.)  The power of prayer.
8.)  Christian symbols/tools of the Christian exorcist include:
     a.)  The Cross (Crucifix)                          d.)  All of the above.
     b.)  Anointing Oil.                                    e.)  None of the above.
     c.)  Holy Water.
9.)  Preparation for an exorcism include:
     a.)  Wash cloths and water.                       d.)  Praying with the exorcism
     b.)  Dry towels and a bucket.                           team.
     c.)  Telling the client what to expect.           e.)  All of the above.
10.)  Asking in prayer (just prior to the start of  the exorcism) for the name of Christ to be glorified in Heaven and earth is of _____ importance.
     a.)  Supreme.                                             c.)  Minimal.
     b.)  Moderate.                                           d.)  No.
11.)  The leading demon in a person demon possessed by multiple demons is called:
     a.)  An apprentice demon.                          c.)  The Strong Man.
     b.)  The Boss.                                            d.)  The Big Shot.
12.)  Demons of _____ and _____ are very powerful and may require fasting and additional prayer to force them to leave.
     a.)  Cults, homosexuality.                           c.)  Satanism, witchcraft.
     b.)  Lust, anger.                                         d.)  Astrology, Mormonism.
13.)  If a person is demon possessed and you touch the body with the Cross or with Anointing Oil, demons will respond by:
     a.)  Screaming out in pain.                         c.)  Mockery.
     b.)  Laughing.                                           d.)  None of the above.
14.)  Demons leave a person:
     a.)  Through the body (top of the head, fingertips, etc.).
     b.)  Without being discerned by the senses.
     c.)  With loud noises such as screaming.
     d.)  All of the above.
     e.)  Only a and c.
15.)  To determine if all demons have left the client, you should:
     a.)  Command in the name of Christ that the remaining demons identify
          (reveal) themselves.
     b.)  Touch the client with a Cross.
     c.)  Using Anointing Oil, paint the client's forehead in the sign of the Cross.
     d.)  Have the client drink some Holy Water.
     e.)  All of the above.
     f.)  Only a and b.
16.)  Demons may attempt to control the exorcism process by:
     a.)  Talking to and trying to elicit sympathy from the exorcist.
     b.)  Threatening the exorcist or his family.
     c.)  Declaring that the exorcist has no power over them.
     d.)  All of the above.
     e.)  None of the above.
     f.)  Only a and b.
17.)  Supernatural phenomena such as pictures falling off the wall when the possessed client walks by is called:
     a.)  Polyphenomena.                               c.)  Epiphenomena.
     b.)  Singular phenomena.                        d.)  Nil phenomena.
18.)  The post-demon possessed person is vulnerable to repossession unless:
     a.)  He accepts Jesus Christ as personal Lord and Savior.
     b.)  He joins a Christian church.
     c.)  He asks God to prevent the demons from returning.
     d.)  He joins a cult such as Mormonism, Jehovah's Witnesses, Christian
          Science, Unitarians, Unity School of Christianity, Unification Church,
          or Freemasonry.
     e.)  Only a, b, and d.
19.)  Which is true of the client immediately after exorcism?
     a.)  He may need to change his clothes due to perspiration, vomit,
          urination, or a bowel movement in/on his clothes.
     b.)  He may need fluids and electrolytes replaced with fluids like
          Gatorade or Powerade.
     c.)  He may need time to reorient and recompose himself.
     d.)  He must not receive condemnation from the exorcist.
     e.)  All of the above.
     f.)  a, b, and c only.
20.)  The person cannot personally order or administer Dramamine or
Meclizine (Antivert) for nausea or vomiting because:
     a.)  It is considered to be "prescribing medications" and only an M.D.
          can do that.
     b.)  If the client has an adverse reaction to the medication, he can sue
          the exorcist.
21.)  The post-possessed person may have difficulty praying to Christ and asking Him to save him because:
     a.)  He is too embarrased about his demonic possession.
     b.)  He feels unworthy of salvation.
     c.)  He feels he has committed a sin too great for God to forgive him.
     d.)  All of the above.
     e.)  None of the above.
22.)  The person who just now accepts Jesus Christ as personal Lord and
Savior is a _____ in the Christian faith.
     a.)  Baby.                                           c.)  Adult.
     b.)  Teenager.                                     d.)  Senior Citizen.
23.)  A "Central Christian Doctrine" is a doctrine of the Christian faith that:
     a.)  All Christian denominations accept.
     b.)  Involves salvation of the human soul.
     c.)  Tells a person which Christian church he should go to.
     d.)  All of the above.
     e.)  Only a and b.
24.)  Baptism by sprinkling, pouring, or immersion is called a "_______
Christian Doctrine."
     a.)  Peripheral.                                        c.)  Saving.
     b.)  Central.                                            d.)  None of the above.
Martin, Dr. Walter R.  "Exorcism: Fact or Fable?", audio cassette tape.  [Remember: For True and False questions, True=a and False=b on your answer sheet].
25.)  True or False.  The world is looking for a Messiah to save the soul.
26.)  People are preoccupied with the occult because:
     a.)  There is a revolt against science and technology.
     b.)  There is a spiritual vacuum in which people are forced to live.
     c.)  There is a tremendous fascination with the mysterious and the occult.
     d.)  There is an influence of eastern religions and parapsychology.
     e.)  The Bible has been replaced as the authority in one's life.
     f.)  All of the above.
27.)  True or False.  In the movie, The Exorcist, Satan is perceived as having more power and authority than Jesus Christ.
28.)  Demons fear:
     a.)  Prayer.                                       c.)  The name of Jesus Christ.
     b.)  The Crucifix (the Cross).               d.)  All of the above.
29.)  True or False.  Demons will not touch a Christian Cross.  Therefore, the masturbation scene with a Crucifix in the movie The Exorcist could never happen in reality.
30.)  True or False.  In the movie The Exorcist, the demons refused to be silent even when Christ's name was invoked with the command for them to be quiet.  This is an accurate scenario that most exorcists encounter in reality.
VHS Tape or DVD entitled "The Exorcism of Emily Rose." 
      Type out a double-spaced paper about the movie "The Exorcism of Emily Rose."  The paper must discuss the movie, especially the legality aspect of the exorcism attempt of Father Moore.  The paper must contain an introductory paragraph, the body of the paper, and a conclusion which summarizes the paper and includes your personal observations/perceptions regarding exorcism and the movie.  If a typewriter is unavailable, the paper may be handwritten or printed, single-lined (not every other line on the paper), and easy to read.  College-ruled paper must be used.  Handwritten papers that are hard to read will be returned to be rewritten.  The paper must total 1,250 words minimum.
Course 2: African Mystery Religions: Santeria, Macumba,
Voodoo, and Hoodoo.
Materials:  Jordan, Dr. William.  "The African Mystery Religions: Santeria, Macumba, Voodoo, and Hoodoo", audio cassette tape included with course fees.
1.)  T or F.  Most people in various cultic and religious systems are very sincere, loving people who are seeking to fulfill their religious/spiritual needs.
2.)  T or F.  Even the non-Christian possesses the enlightened teachings of the Holy Spirit.
3.)  T or F.  In Santeria, Macumba, and Voodoo, the follower has found the outward shell of part of Christianity but has missed the important heart of the Christian faith. 
4.)  T or F.  In Santeria, animal sacrifice in rituals occurs.
5.)  T or F.  The word "Santeria" means "the way of Satan." 
6.)  T or F.  Santeria does not use divination in its practices and it is a monotheistic (belief in the existence of only one God) religious system.
7.)  T or F.  The "Orishes" or Santeria are "Head Guardians."
8.)  T or F.  Followers of Santeria worship the Orishes as gods.
9.)  The major areas in the world for concentration of followers of Santeria are:
     a.)  France, the Netherlands, and Cuba.
     b.)  Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, and Columbia.
     c.)  Puerto Rico, New Jersey, Louisiana, and Mexico.
     d.)  Florida, Los Angeles, and New York City.
     e.)  a, b, and c only.
     f.)  All of the above.
10.)  T or F.  Mexican Santeria stresses Roman Catholicism.
11.)  T or F.  Cuban Santeria stresses the African origins of the relligion.
12.)  The number of the most devout followers of Santeria in the U.S. is conservatively estimated at:
     a.)  10,000                                       d.)  50,000
     b.)  25,000                                       e.)  100,000
     c.)  35,000                                        f.)  500,000
13.)  T or F.  Santeria is a very secretive religion.
14.)  T or F.  The year 1517 A.D. is given as the beginning of the Santeria religion.
15.)  T or F.  In the 1960's, the Cuban government established an open door policy toward Santeria.
16.)  T or F.  The decade of the 1990's saw a literal explosion in the number of Cubans practicing Santeria.
17.)  T or F.  Today, Santeria is becoming more widely accepted and it is beginning to come out of hiding.
18.)  T or F.  Santeria uses spellcasting as part of its religion.
19.)  T or F.  Today, the occult is considered "the in thing to do." 
20.)  T or F.  Chango is the most popular god of Santeria.
21.)  T or F.  In Santeria, one's own birthday is extremely important.
22.)  T or F.  Santerian theology teaches that bad spirits can be dissolved in water.
23.)  T or F.  A Santero is a practitioner of Santeria.
24.)  T or F.  Santeria believes that every plant has a spirit which guards it.
25.)  T or F.  There are 10 Commandments in Santerian theology.
26.)  T or F.  Santeria has written Scriptures similar to the Bible.
27.)  T or F.  The religion of Santeria itself revolves around magic and the casting of spells.
28.)  T or F.  Santeria can rightfully be called "Jungle magic adapted to city living."
29.)  T or F.  The usual animal sacrifice in Santeria is a chicken.
30.)  In Santeria, the gods speak through:
     a.)  Mediumship (spirit contact).          c.)  Psychics.
     b.)  The telephone.                              d.)  Divination.
31.)  T or F.  The Santerian priest is also a witch doctor.
32.)  T or F.  During the initiation into Santerian membership, the god (demon) assigned to the initiate will possess his/her body.
33.)  T or F.  Black magic is practiced in Santeria.
34.)  T or F.  Macumba is actually an umbrella term for two African mystery religions called Candomble and Umbanda.
35.)  T or F.  Macumba denies the existence of evil spirits; they believe only in misguided or mischevious spirits.
36.)  T or F.  Most members of Macumba are descendents of African slaves brought to Brazil by the Portuguese in the 1550's A.D.
37.)  T or F.  Most of the deities of Macumba are the same as those of Santeria, except they have been given Portuguese names.
38.)  T or F.  In Candomble, Jesus Christ is worshipped as a God in His own right; in Santeria, He is not. 
39.)  T or F.  The first Candomble center was established in Rio de Janero in 1979.
40.)  T or F.  You must be a female to be a priest in Candomble. 
41.)  T or F.  Umbanda was founded in 1904 and has its root in Hinduism and Buddhism combined with African Spirit worship.
42.)  T or F.  Like Santeria, Umbanda believes in reincarnation.
43.)  T or F.  Contact with one's spirit guide is essential in Umbanda. 
44.)  T or F.  African slaves exported from West Africa to Haiti and the Dominican Republic were followeres of the Voodoo religion.
45.)  Today, worldwide, there are over ______ people who practice Voodoo.
     a.)  10 million.                                         d.)  60 million.
     b.)  20 million.                                         e.)  150 million.
     c.)  40 million.                                          f.)  250 million.
46.)  T or F.  Voodoo is  becoming more popular in the U.S.
47.)  T or F.  Unlike Santeria, Voodoo has not incorporated the worship of Roman Catholic saints with animism and spiritism.
48.)  T or F.  In Voodoo, Loa is the supreme god.
49.)  T or F.  Voodoo believes in the existence of evil spirits and that these spirits can be used for evil purposes.
50.)  T or F.  In Voodoo, spirit possession is desired.
51.)  T or F.  In Voodoo rituals, there is no animal sacrifice or the drinking of its blood.
52.)  T or F.  In Voodoo, only males can become priests.
53.)  T or F.  Black magic is part of the Voodoo religious system.
54.)  T or F.  "Left-handed Voodoo" is the practice of black magic.
55.)  T or F.  Voodoo dolls are commonly used throughout the Voodoo religious system.
56.)  T or F.  The Bible confirms that a person can be raised from the dead as a zombie.
57.)  T or F.  Hoodoo can best be described as "African Americam Folk Magic."
58.)  T or F.  The word "Hoodoo" has its origin in 19th Century America.
59.)  T or F.  Whereas Voodoo deals more with the summoning of the spirits to solicit their aid, Hoodoo concentrates more on magic spells and hexes.
60.)  T or F.  The opposite of the Placebo Effect is the Nocebo Effect.
61.)  T or F.  The Bible completely condemns any spirit contact by people.
62.)  T or F.  Divination is approved by God.
63.)  T or F.  The bodily resurrection of Christ from the dead is proof that reincarnation is true.
64.)  T or F.  It is impossible for a person to serve both God and Satan.
65.)  T or F.  Animism is a false religious system which replaces God as Creator and as the One Eternal God. 
66.)  T or F.  Satan's primary goal with people is to get their eyes off God; his second goal is then to get their eyes onto him.
67.)  T or F.  Noe of the African Mystery Religions are fatalistic.
68.)  T or F.  The only fate that the Christian can expect is to have a wonderful, eternal relationship with the God of Love, demonstrated through His Son, Jesus Christ.
69.)  T or F.  Satan is the spirit behind all of the African Mystery Religions.
70.)  T or F.  Santeria, Macumba, Voodoo, and Hoodoo have been misrepresented by the news media and the entertainment industry.