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Course 9:  The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit.

     Welcome to our brief overview of the Person, Nature, and Work of the Holy Spirit.  It is not the desire of the AAE to make "theologians" out of Exorcism-Deliverance Ministers.  Rather, it is desired to provide to the E-D Minister additional knowledge about the Holy Spirit so that he/she will have increased faith, trust, and understanding of the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit is the only spirit that a person is permitted by God to summon and communicate with apart from the exorcism process itself.  Like Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit is active in the exorcism-deliverance process, especially in Christian baptism when the formerly possessed person comes to accept Jesus Christ as personal Lord and Savior.  The Holy Spirit also imparts the gift of "discerning of spirits," which comes in quite handy when evaluating a person for the presence of demonic possession.
Materials for the course:
     Lockyer, Dr. Herbert.  All the Doctrines of the Bible (Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan Publishing House, 1964), pp. 59-121.  The book may be obtained from the local Christian bookstore,,, or Christian Book Distributors ( or from this ministry ($30.00 U.S. if from this ministry).
     The examination has 49 questions.  You must score an 85% (41/49) to pass the test.  All questions are True and False except for questions 2, 4, 5,
30, 33, and 45.  True questions are recorded on the answer sheet as "a."  False questions are recorded on the answer sheet as "b." 
1.)  The Holy Spirit is the Third Person of the Godhead. 
2.)  It is imperative to grasp the truth of the Holy Spirit because:
     a.)  It is a neglected doctrine.
     b.)  It is a misunderstood doctrine.
     c.)  It is a perverted doctrine.
     d.)  It is a Scriptural doctrine.
     e.)  It is a practical doctrine.
     f.)  All of the above.
3.)  It is not possible to have the Holy Spirit in one's life if he/she doesn't have Christ as personal Lord and Savior.
4.)  In the Old Testament, the Holy Spirit is referred to some ______ times.
     a.)  40                                                d.)  90
     b.)  60                                                e.)  100
     c.)  80                                                 f.)  200
5.)  In the New Testament, the Holy Spirit is referred to some _____ times.
     a.)  200                                              d.)  500
     b.)  260                                              e.)  750
     c.)  350                                               f.)  1,000
6.)  The Holy Spirit is particularly important in our current Dispensation of Grace.
7.)  The Book of Acts is the only New Testament book that does NOT mention the Holy Spirit.
8.)  Satan has two ways to deal with truth:
     1.)  He seeks to hide it.  When that is no longer possible, he--
     2.)  Seeks to pervert it into deadly error.
9.)  The Apostle Paul indicated in 2 Cor. 11:4 the three characteristics of false teaching as- another Jesus, another Spirit, and another Gospel.
10.)  The soon return of Christ to earth can be seen in the present day decrease in activity of seducing evil spirits throughout the earth. 
11.)  The Holy Spirit can be communicated with through seances and the Ouija board.
12.)  Another name for the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Grace.
13.)  Satan does not want the Christian to have a full understanding of the Holy Spirit.
14.)  The Holy Spirit carries on the work of Christ in and through us.
15.)  The Holy Spirit had no part in the creation of the Universe.
16.)  The Holy Spirit is co-creator of the Bible.
17.)  In the Old Testament, the Holy Spirit did not indwell continuously as He does now since Christ has come.
18.)  If a Christian commits a sin, the Holy Spirit will depart from him.
19.)  The Holy Spirit is a thinking, cognizant Personality.
20.)  In Third Century A.D., a false theory was advanced that the Holy Spirit was an emanation, a power from God but not a thinking Person of the Trinity.
21.)  The Holy Spirit glorifies Jesus Christ.
22.)  The Holy Spirit has no part in the sanctification of the believer.
23.)  Doctrine of the Trinity is not taught in the Bible.
24.)  True elements of personality are possessed by the Holy Spirit.
25.)  The heart is the seat of affection.
26.)  Jesus Christ taught that the Holy Spirit was not a Personality but an "unknowable essence of energy." 
27.)  The fact that you can mistreat the Holy Spirit (such as disobeying Him) is proof that the Holy Spirit is a Personality.
28.)  The Holy Spirit does not share the divine attributes of God the Father or God the Son (Jesus Christ).
29.)  Hebrews 9:14 refers to the Holy Spirit as "The Eternal Spirit."
30.)  Holiness is attributed to the Holy Spirit some _____ times in the Bible.
     a.)  50                                                 d.)  200
     b.)  75                                                 e.)  300
     c.)  100                                                f.)  500
31.)  The Holy Spirit gave David a prophecy concerning Judas 1000 years before the latter was born (Acts 1:16).
32.)  Water is one of the most common of symbols used to describe the varied ministry of the Holy Spirit.
33.)  The number _____ represents perfection (deity.
     a.)  2                                                   d.)  5
     b.)  3                                                   e.)  6
     c.)  4                                                    f.)  7
34.)  The Holy Spirit is not mentioned/named in this New Testament book:
     a.)  1 John                                          d.)  Romans
     b.)  Revelation                                    e.)  Philemon
     c.)  1 Corinthians                                 f.)  Galatians
35.)  The Holy Spirit was not active in the lives of men until after Christ was born.
36.)  The Bible emphatically declares that Jesus Christ was not conceived by the Holy Spirit in Mary's womb.
37.)  The Holy Spirit testifies of Christ.
38.)  The Holy Spirit convicts people of sin.
39.)  The Holy Spirit sustained Christ on the Cross while He died.
40.)  All three members of the Godhead are involved in our redemption.
41.)  The Holy Spirit did not raise Christ bodily from the dead (Rom. 1:4, 8:11).
42.)  Christians have no need to be taught by the Holy Spirit.
43.)  The Holy Spirit brought the Church into being.
44.)  The Holy Spirit is the source of Church unity.
45.)  The number for man in the Bible is:
     a.)  2                                              d.)  6
     b.)  3                                              e.)  7
     c.)  4                                               f.)  8
46.)  The Holy Spirit is the Inspirer of all true prayer.
47.)  The Holy Spirit intercedes on our behalf.
48.)  In order to spiritually discern theTruth of God, one needs the Holy Spirit within him.
49.)  Because He can be grieved, we know the Holy Spirit has love.
Course 10:  The Doctrine of Christ.
     Welcome to this mini-course on the Doctrine of Christ.  This is not intended to be a thorough, detailed look at the Person, Nature, and Work of our Lord, Jesus Christ.