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Course 3:  Near Death Experiences (NDE's) and Out of Body Experiences (OBE's).
Course Materials:
     Jordan, Dr. William. "NBE's and OBE's," audio cassette tape, included with course tuition.
Instructions:  Please refer to the "General Instructions For Taking Examinations" section just before Course 1 in AAE Examinations, Part 1.  You must score 85% (33/39) to pass this exam. 
True or False:
01.)  In 1964, British actor Peter Sellers had a NDE.
02.)  As a result of his NDE, Peter Sellers became a Christian and disbelieved in reincarnation.
03.)  Carl Jung, the Father of Analytical Psychology, had a NDE in 1944.
04.)  There was a strong link to occultism of Jung's mother's side.
05.)  Jung's psychotherapeutic technique is a mixture of psychology and spiritism.
06.)  Jung's "collective unconsciousness" is the spirit world and contact with those in it.
07.)  Jung's beliefs of "actrive imagination" is not the same as spirit guides, commonplace with trance channelers, mediums, and other occultists.
08.)  Jung, an atheist, event went so far as to blaspheme Jesus Christ by declaring himself to be equal to Christ.
09.)  Dr. Elizabeth Kubler Ross, expert on death and dying, is actively involved in spiritism and the occult.
10.)  Today, few people are interested in NDE's and OBE's.
Multiple Choice:
11.)  A recent Gallup poll indicated that at least ______ million Americans have had at least one NDE.
     a.)  5                                                     d.)  11
     b.)  7                                                     e.)  13
     c.)  9                                                      f.)  17
True or False:
12.)  The oldest recorded NDE goes back to Plato.
13.)  Few people today have rejected Christianity, the Bible, and God.
14.)  Most people deny the existence of Hell and believe that in the end everyone makes it to Heaven (Universalism).
15.)  In a 1990, Gallup poll, it found that 21% of Americans believed in reincarnatin and 50% believe in the existence of UFO's.
16.)  Over the last 10+ years, there has been a significant increase in the number of people experiencing NDE's and OBE's.
17.)  OBE's occur most frequently when the person is in a normal of consciousness and rarely through participation in the occult.
18.)  Salem is the name of the spirit guide [demon] acquired by Elizabeth Kubler Ross.
19.)  The field of study of death and dying is called Thanatology.
20.)  The "Being of Light" is common in most NDE's and radiates a strong feeling of love and acceptance regardless of the type of life led by the person experiencing it.
21.)  To the Christian, the Being of Light is regarded as Jesus Christ; to the follower of another religion, it is the being or person being worshipped in his religion.
22.)  New Age theology teaches that every person must realize that he/she is not God or a god.
23.)  Elizabeth Hillstrom, a Christian psychologist who has thoroughly investigated the Being of Light, notes that this light usually identifies itself.
Multiple Choice:
24.)  _____ can cause NDE's and OBE's or experiences which resemble them.
     a.)  LSD.                                           d.)  Heroin.
     b.)  Cocaine.                                    e.)  Marijuana.
     c.)  PCP.                                           f.)  All of the above.
True or False:
25.)  Autoscopy is defined as seeing one's own self (own double) and does occur with NDE's and OBE's.
26.)  All NDE's and OBE's have heavenly types of experiences; there are none which are frightening.
27.)  The "Void NDE" is one where the person finds himself in a dark, featureless void resembling outerspace.  There is an absence of sensation and there are no attempts by anyone or anything to communicate with him.
28.)  There is never a "Hell Experience" with NDE's and OBE's.
29.)  The experience of an NDE or OBE means that the person is exceptionally immoral or sinful in lilfe.
30.)  Around 80% of people who experience NDE's or OBE's state that the experience has changed them forever.
Multiple Choice:
31.)  Major psychological changes from NDE or OBE experience include:
     a.)  Loss of the fear of death.
     b.)  Becoming more spiritual but less religious.
     c.)  More abstract thinking.
     d.)  Depression; difficulty maintaining relationships.
     e.)  Interest in occultic activities.
     f.)  All of the above.
32.)  Major physiological changes from NDE and OBE experience include:
     a.)  Reversal of the biological clock.
     b.)  Increased allergies.
     c.)  Presence of electrical sensitivity.
     d.)  Increased sensitivity to light and noise.
     e.)  The ability to heal.
     f.)  All of the above.
True or False:
33.)  NDE experiences may not tell us about life after death because many of these experiences also are found in OBE's.
34.)  There is no definite connection between NDE's/OBE's and altered states of consciousness.
35.)  There are strong indications that there is significant demonic involvement in NDE's and OBE's.
36.)  During the Reformation, the frequency of NDE's and OBE's decreased.
37.)  The Bible supports the belief that a person's spirit can separate from the body even without death (i.e., that OBE can occur).
38.)  With many NDE's, the person is told that there has been a mistake and the person must return to his body as his time to die had not yet come.  This is proof that God can make mistakes.
39.)  NDE's and OBE's eliminate Jesus Christ as God's answer for the forgiveness of  man's sins.
Course 4:  Halloween: Whose Trick is it Anyway?
Course Materials:  Jordan, Dr. William.  Halloween: Whose Trick is it Anyway?" audio cassette tape, included with course tuition.
Instructions:  Please refer to the "General Instructions About Taking Examinations" found before course 1 in Part 1 of AAE Certification Examinations.
You must have a correct score of 85% (30/36) to pass the course.
True or False:
01.)  Halloween has its founding with the Celtic priests of Guruism (Hindu priests) around 500 A.D. in Thailand.
02.)  Halloween is also known as Samhain ("Sah-ween"), All Soul's Day, All Saint's Day, and November Eve.
03.)  In Druidism, the original Halloween holiday was a commemoration of the New Year.  It was regarded as the time when Samhain, the Lord of the Dead and Death, began his reign.
04.)  Celtic belief held that on October 31st, the veil between the living and the dead could not be penetrated by those on either side. 
05.)  The Druids were occultic practitioners, much like witches.
06.)  Human sacrifices were performed by Druidic priests.
07.)  The Druids had three great fire festivals each year.
08.)  Within three miles of the stones at Stonehenge, England, over 350 mounds have been unearthed, each containing skeletal remains of countless human sacrifices.
09.)  Old Testament Baal worship (the same Baal worshipped by Druidic priests) was by fire and human sacrifice and was condemned by God (Jer. 19:5 and 32:5 and Deut. 18:10). 
10.)  The Lord of the Dead, Samhain, is known today as "The Grim Reaper."
11.)  The Druidic priests performed human sacrifices en mass.  Many men, women, and children would be burned alive in "bone fires," for which we get our English word, "bonfires."
12.)  Virgin daughters obtained from nearby homes were repeatedly raped by the Druidic priests before they were sacrificed to Baal.
13.)  The Druidic priests ate the flesh of those they sacrificed.
14.)  The word "cannibal" means "a priest who eats human flesh."
15.)  The Druids no longer exist.
16.)  Halloween arrived in America in 1492, compliments of Christopher Columbus.
17.)  In 1885 A.D., Pope Antiochus VII attempted to "Christianize" the pagan worship of October 31st.
18.)  The Druidic priests wore costumes made of animal heads and skins when they performed their human sacrifices.
19.)  Castration of human males was never done by Druidic priests.
20.)  The "treats" the Druidic priests sought when they went door to door were humans to be sacrified.
21.)  The Druidic priests regarded black cats as reincarnated people as punishment for their evil deeds.  They were supposed to have special evil powers. 
22.)  Even today, black cats are often "familiars" of witches.
23.)  Bobbing for apples was a form of divination.
24.)  The orange and black colors associated with Halloween has no connection with the occult.
25.)  The oldest known illustration of a witch dates back to pre-Columbiam times where the goddess Tlazolteolf ("Tazz-el-toff") is shown naked and wearing a pointed hat and riding a broomstick.
26.)  The Druids praacticed black magic, frequently casting spells and curses on their enemies. 
27.)  Dracula was a real person named Vlad the Impaler (1431 A.D.- 1476 A.D.).
Multiple Choice:
28.)  During his six-year reign, Vlad the Impaler cruelly murdered at least ______
men, women, and children.
     a.)  10,000                                             d.)  100,000
     b.)  25,000                                             e.)  150,000
     c.)  50,000                                              f.)  200,000
True or False:
29.)  Vlad the Impaler got his name because he liked to impale his victims on a pole while they were alive.
30.)  Vlad the Impoaler was demonically possessed.
31.)  Halloween is many things but it is not a form of idolatry.
32.)  Halloween is firmly grounded in the occult.
33.)  Witches regard Halloween as the most holy day of the year.
34.)  God does not condemn witchcraft in the Bible because it contains the story of the Witch at Endor. 
35.)  Halloween is a simplified form of occultism.
36.)  Halloween serves as a serious catalyst and introduction into various avenues of the occult [so does Harry Potter!], especially to our children.