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Course 7:  Faith and Prayer in the Exorcism-Deliverance Ministry.
Course Materials:
          Spurgeon, Charles.  The Triumph of Faith in a Believer's Life.
          Spurgeon, Charles.  The Power of Prayer in a Believer's Life.
     Audio Cassette Tapes:
          Martin, Dr. Walter R.  Reasons For Faith.
     The textbooks can be obtained at any Christian bookstore or from,, from any Christian bookstore or from this ministry.
     The audio cassette tape from Dr. Martin may be purchased from this ministry or from:
 or by writing:
          Walter Martin's Religious Infonet
           P.O. Box 517
           San Juan Capistrano, CA.  92693
**  If desiring to obtain materials from this ministry, there is a $5.00 handling charge plus shipping charges for us to obtain the materials for the student and shipping charges to send the materials to the student.  Thus, the student would do best financially to obtain the materials directly from the above metioned retailers than from the AAE.  Some retailers in the U.S. will not ship to some overseas countries and residents there will be forced to go to the AAE to have the books shipped in these areas (foreign students in such areas do not have to purchase the audio cassette tape from Dr. Martin for this course, unless they wish to do so).
Instructions:  Please refer to the "General Instructions For Taking the AAE Certification Examinations" found just before Course 1 in Part 1 of the AAE Certification Examinations.  Passing Score is a minimum of 85% (63/76).
Remember, for True (T) or False (F) questions, T=a and F= b.
Book: The Triumph of Faith in a Believer's Life, Charles H. Spurgeon.
I.  Faith's Sure Foundation.
01.)  The foundation of a believer's faith is:
     a.)  Himself.                                         c.)  Jesus Christ.
     b.)  His parents.                                   d.)  Satan.
02.)  Jesus Christ is called the _____ Adam of our race.
     a.)  Second.                                         c.)  Fourth.
     b.)  Third.                                            d.)  First.
03.)  One of Christ's names is "Emmanuel," which means:
     a.)  Our Lord and Savior.                    c.)  Jehovah God.
     b.)  God with us.                                 d.)  None of the above.
04.)  The blood of Christ covers which sins of the believer?
     a.)  Past sins.                                       c.)  Future sins.
     b.)  Present sins.                                  d.)  All of the above.
II.  Faith Defined and Obtained.
05.)  Because God is gracious, sinful men are:
     a.)  Forgiven.                                       d.)  Saved.
     b.)  Converted.                                    e.)  All of the above.
     c.)  Purified.                                         f.)  None of the above.
06.)  Faith is made up of:
     a.)  Knowledge.                                  d.)  Works.
     b.)  Belief.                                           e.)  All of the above.
     c.)  Trust.                                            f.)  Only a and b.
07.)  Signs of faith in Christ can be seen by:
     a.)  Clinging to Him.                            c.)  Loving Him.
     b.)  Following Him.                             d.)  All of the above.
08.)  Faith is selected as the channel of salvation because:
     a.)  It gives all the glory to God.
     b.)  It is a sure method method linking man with God.
     c.)  It touches the springs of action.
     d.)  It has the power of working by love.
     e.)  All of the above.
     f.)  Only a, b, and d.
09.)  Faith can be obtained by:
     a.)  Believing what the Holy Spirit says is true.
     b.)  Taking the matter before God in prayer.
     c.)  Considering the testimony of others.
     d.)  Submitting yourself before God.
     e.)  All of the above.
III.  Faith Essential to Pleasing God.
10.)  Without faith:
     a.)  There is no capacity for communion with God.
     b.)  The person himself is not pleasing to God.
     c.)  There is no common ground through which God and man can meet.
     d.)  There is no prospect of love.
     e.)  All of the above.
     f.)  Only a, c, and d.
IV.  Characteristics of Faith.
11.)  The stages of faith include:
     a.)  Seeking faith through prayer.
     b.)  Relying faith (belief).
     c.)  The full assurance of faith.
     d.)  All of the above.
12.)  The stage of  faith capable of creaating believers out of an entire household is:
     a.)  Seeking faith.
     b.)  Relying faith.
     c.)  The full assurance of faith.
     d.)  The preaching of faith.
13.)  To put your reliance on a sign or a wonder is to open the door _____.
     a.)  To be deceived.
     b.)  To be blessed by God.
     c.)  To Satanic attack.
     d.)  To demonic possession.
V.  Faith Tried and Triumphing.
14.)  The Christian is assured that:
     a.)  God is always just in His dealings toward us:
     b.)  God wants the best for us.
     c.)  God has great plans for all of His children.
     d.)  All of the above.
15.)  Severe trial and tribulation occur:
     a.)  For our good.
     b.)  For God's glory.
     c.)  To give Satan something to do.
     d.)  Both a and b.
16.)  One of the most usual of sins is:
     a.)  To trust God too little.
     b.)  To trust God too much.
VI.  Faith Without Sight.
17.)  Believing God hears your prayers is:
     a.)  Proof that you will believe anything that you read or hear.
     b.)  Proof that you are a fool.
     c.)  Proof that you are a child of God.
VII.  The Best Strengthening Medicine.
18.)  As believers in Christ, we are called to:
     a.)  Do the work of the Lord.
     b.)  Suffer.
     c.)  Make lots of money.
     d.)  Be healthy.
     e.)  All of the above.
     f.)  Only a and b.
19.)  The first duty of a Christian is:
    a.)  To get married.
    b.)  To find a job.
    c.)  To obey God.
    d.)  To make a lot of money.
    e.)  To tithe 15%.
    f.)  None of the above.
20.)  There is a high & blessed privilege that every Christian has as a necessity of life and that is:
    a.)  To pray.
    b.)  To believe that God exists.
    c.)  To make money.
    d.)  To go to church every week.
    e.)  To tithe.
21.)  To pray without _____ is formality and vanity.
    a.)  Sincerity.                                  c.)  Honor.
    b.)  Faith.                                        d.)  None of the above. 
22.)  Believers are sometimes called to suffer:
    a.)  Great physical pain.                   d.)  Against assaults of unbelief.
    b.)  Persecution.                              e.)  All of the above.
    c.)  Martyrdom.                                f.)  Only a and b.
VIII.  Faith Working By Love.
23.)  As the Jews relied upon circumcision, so do many depend upon _______
and sacraments.
    a.)  Works.                                        c.)  Confession.
    b.)  Baptism.                                      d.)  All of the above.
24.)  Faith is not worth having if it is:
    a.)  Fruitless.                                     c.)  Both a and b.
    b.)  Without money.                            d.)  None of the above.
25.)  Faith is in the habit of going to God with all her _____ and coming away with her load removed.
    a.)  Burdens.                                      c.)  Requests.
    b.)  Love.                                           d.)  All of the above.
26.)  ______ is entirely dependent upon faith.
    a.)  Respect.                                       c.)  Compassion.
    b.)  Understanding.                              d.)  Love.
27.)  Faith displays its ____ by love.
    a.)  Energy.                                        c.)  Determination.
    b.)  Power.                                         d.)  Dependability.
28.)  Love _____ faith.
    a.)  Increases.                                    c.)  Neutralizes.
    b.)  Decreases.                                   d.)  Respects.
29.)  Perfect love casts out _____.
    a.)  Demons.                                       c.)  Doubts.
    b.)  Fear.                                             d.)  Satan.
IX.  Faith Seeing God's Glory.
30.)  The glory of God is seen when:
    a.)  A person accepts Christ as Lord and Savior.
    b.)  A Christian witnesses to a lost person.
    c.)  When a Christian tells someone that Christ died for all sinners.
    d.)  All of the above.
31.)  When a person is converted to Christ:
    a.)  The earth is made glad.
    b.)  Hell howls with indignation.
    c.)  Heaven rejoices.
    d.)  All of the above.