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Course 5:  The Ouija Board (OB): Harmless Parlor Game or Deadly Demonic Device?
Course Materials:  Jordan, Dr. William.  "The Ouija Board: Harmless Parlor Game or Deadly Demonic Device?"  audio cassette tape. included in course tuition.
Instructions:  Please refer to the "General Instructions to Taking Examinations" section found just before test 1 in AAE Certification Examinations, part 1. For brevity, in this examination, the Ouija Board is abbreviated OB.  Minimum passing score is 85% (40/48).. 
True or False:
01.)  Precursors to the Ouija board (OB) date back to before Confucius (ca. 551 B.C.).
02.)  The OB was never used in ancient Greece.
03.)  The 3rd Century Romans had their own version of the OB.
04.)  Native Americans used the OB to find missing people or lost items as well as to obtain spiritual information (spirit contact).
05.)  In the Victorian Era, the planchette was invented by a British spiritist to replace table-tilting as the primary means of divination.
06.)  The planchette, the pointer used in the OB, was mass-produced in the U.S. in the 1860's.
07.)  The modern day OB was invented by Elija J. Bond in 1890.
08.)  William Fuld is regarded by many to be the "Father of the OB."
09.)  Fuld never personally used the OB to contact spirits.
10.)  Fuld died of a heart attack in 1937.
11.)  Mrs. Pearly Lenore Curran had a 24-year interaction via the OB with a spirit named Patience Worth.
12.)  Curran's spirit contact produced 4 million words, 5,000 poems, and 7 large books.
13.)  Mrs. Curran was eventually able to reach 3,000 words/hour on the OB!
14.)  The word Ouija is a combination of the French and German words for yes.
15.)  Historical documents havve confirmed that Patience Worth once existed as a slave girl for a wealthy land owner named Constance Benning.
16.)  World War I saw a decreased desire for people to purchase and use the OB.
17.)  Interest in the OB increased in the 1920's.  The stock market crash in 1929 resulted in a decrease in OB sales.
18.)  World War II saw an increase in OB sales. 
19.)  During World War II, one Baltimore bookstore sold over 800 OB's per week.  One large New York department store sold over 50,000 OB's in a four-month period in 1944.
20.)  The 1960's and 1970's saw a decreased interest in the occult in the U.S.
21.)  Salem, Mass. is noted for the witch trials.  It is also the city where Parker Bros. still makes the OB today.
22.)  John Goodwin, author of Occult America, estimates that between 1967 and 1972 around 10 m illion OB's have been sold for over $50 million.
23.)  He also estimates that over 20 m illion Americans have played with them at least once.
24.)  The 1970's saw at least 1.2 million OB's sold.
25.)  Hollywood movies such as The Exorcist and Witchboard have frightened people and decreased sales of the OB.
26.)  Currently, the entire world is experiencing a tremendous revival in interest in the occult.
27.)  It is possible to go onto the internet and play an electronic version of the OB.  This has very serious implications for children who surf the web!
28.)  A Stoker Hunt survey in 1983 found that 30% of respondents who used the OB did so in efforts to contact the dead.  Another 30% attempted to contact the living.  The remaining 40% tried to contact spirits, pets, angels, to rececive guidance on money or health matters, or to penetrate the future.
29.)  Some people use the OB for help with gambling tips.  In doing so, they gamble their eternal souls.
30.)  It is possible to contact another dimension where spirits live with the OB.
31.)  The OB is made out of Samsonite.  It has all letters of the alphabet except the letter "Z" and all of the numbers except the number "9."
32.)  The Bible confirms that it is possible to contact the dead.
33.)  Demons can impersonate people who have lived before because they existed when these people were alive (spirits cannot die).
34.)  Parapsychologist Dr. Hans Holzer is a Christian who believes that demons exist.
35.)  While Dr. Holzer believes that around 5-10% of contacts via the OB are actual spirit messages,  Lou Gentile of the Delaware Valley Demonology Research organization and Dr. Jordan believe the number to be much higher, around 100%.
36.)  Tests performed on the OB indicate that there are no supernatural forces operating through it.
37.)  Strange phenomena such as winds suddenly occurring in a room even when the windows are closed, and materialization of spirits or apparitions can occur while using the OB.
38.)  People who use the OB regularly often develop psychic abilities.
39.)  The person using the OB may become entrapped and unable to defend himself from spirit entities which may enter from another dimension.
40.)  Sexual assaults by spirit entities are common with those who use the OB.
41.)  Occultists deny that the OB is a dangerous tool and should be used with caution.  They also state that use by children is not dangerous.
42.)  Demonic possession can easily occur at any time that a person uses an OB.
43.)  Spirits contacted by the OB affirm that Jesus Christ is the way for a person's sins to be forgiven by God.
44.)  Theology obtained from spirits contacted with the OB also confirms the existence of Hell and denies reincarnation as God's remedy for sin.
45.)  Spirits contacted by the OB testify that Christ died for the sins of the world.
46.)  Some of the problems which often develop with participation in the occult and the OB include severe insomnia, suicidal/homicidal ideation and frightening, recurring nightmares.
47.)  Violent behavior, including murder, is not possible with someone who uses the OB.
48.)  The Bible warns against evven dabbling in the occult in any way, including the use of OB's.
Course 6:  UFO's: The Occult Connection
Instructions:  Please refer to the section General Instructions for Taking Certification Examinations," found just before course 1 in AAE Certification Examinations, Part 1.  You must score 85% (34/40) to pass the exam.
Note:  All questions on this examination are True-False except questions #3 and #38 which are multiple-choice (still only one right answer).
01.)  A 2001 Gallup poll found that 33% of Americans believe that at some point in the past extraterrestrials have visited earth.
02.)  According to Dr. John Weldon and Zola Levitt, worldwide UFO sightings occur at 10/hour.
03.)  Supposedly, documented UFO evidence goes back as far as _____ B.C.
     a.)  100                                              d.)  10,000
     b.)  500                                              e.)  45,000
     c.)  1,000                                            f.)  90,000
04.)  There is a written record of Egyptian Pharaoh Thutmos III (ca. 1600 B.C.) mentioning many cicrcles of fire in the sky which left a terrible smell in the air after they left.
05.)  UFO's were sighted over ancient Rome i n the 3rd and 4th centuries.
06.)  UFO sightings decreased during the Dark Ages.
07.)  Christopher Columbus saw a UFO just 4 hours before he sighted land of the Americas.
08.)  The first photograph of a UFO was taken by Mexican astronomer Jose Bonilla on 8/12/1883.
09.)  The UFO cults began in 1982 in San Francisco, CA. 
10.)  In the summer of 1952, UFO's appeared repeatedly over the White House air space and played a chase game with U.S.  Air Force jet fighters for 6 hours.
11.)  During the Vietnam War, a UFO sparked an air-sea battle which resulted in an Australian destroyer being hit.
12.)  Throught recorded history up to 1954 A.D., the total number of UFO sightings stood at 10,000.  Since 1954, millions of UFO's have been sighted.
13.)  Most investigators do not believe that UFO's are real and from another world.
14.)  Over 50 pilots have died while pursuing UFO's.
15.)  No animals have ever been found mutilated at UFO landing sites.
16.)  No UFO investigators have ever found any evidence of UFO crashes.
17.)  Actor William Shatner of "Star Trek" fame was once lost in a desert and received directions to safety from a passing UFO.
18.)  No U.S. astronaut has ever seen a UFO during any space mission.
19.)  A large number of UFO sightings in a short period of time is called a "UFO flap." 
20.)  UFO flaps occur at 61 m onth intervals and they always travel west to east at 1,500 mile to 2,000 mile jumps.
21.)  UFO investigators have shorter life spans than the average person.
22.)  UFO's have the ability to be seen or not seen at will even by cameras or radar.
23.)  UFO's can materialize or dematerialize at will.
24.)  UFO's cannot turn at right angles at 16,000 miles per hour.
25.)  According to Dr. John Weldon, Christian specialist in the occult, there is evidence that UFO's have crashed on earth.
26.)  A 3-year UFO investigation by Brad Steiger contains at least 13 correlations between UFO's and occult psychic phenomena.
27.)  Poltergeist phenomena, a common occultic occurrence, is correlated with UFO flaps. 
28.)  Teletransportation and levitation are common with the occult but not with UFO encounters.
29.)  Repeated contact between aliens and people is almost always through occultic methodologies such as the Ouija board, spiritism, and automatic writing.
30.)  There is one recorded incident where 2 men kept in contact with Martians through an Ouija board and a 2-way radio.
31.)  "Beings of Light" were common manifestations with UFO's between 1,000 A.D. and 1,500 A.D.
32.)  Possession of UFO contactees by extraterrestrials is not the same as found in demonic possession.
33.)  Most UFO contactees have a long history of involvement in occultic activities prior to their first encounter with extraterrestrials.
34.)  It has been observed that rarely are Christians and Jews exposed to contact with extraterrestrials. 
35.)  Most contacts between extraterrestrials and humans occurs during daytime.
36.)  Most UFO experiences leads the person to a closer relationship with Jesus Christ and God in general.
37.)  If an extraterrestrial were to step out of a spaceship with "answers to the world's problems," he would probably be accepted and even worshipped as some kind of messiah.  Such a "messiah" could easily be a "Space Brother" to help the Antichrist during the Tribulation Period.
38.)  Even though they supposedly come from different parts of the Universe, separated from each other by millions to billiions of light years, all extraterrestrials
have the same theological beliefs (something not even found in science fiction), which include:
     a.)  God punishes no one for sin.
     b.)  God had no need to seen a Redeemer for our sins.
     c.)  The answer to the sin problem is not Jesus Christ but reincarnation.
     d.)  There is no Hell; everyone is saved in the end.
     e.)  God is not a personal Being and cannot be reached through prayer.
     f.)  All of the above.
39.)  The theology of the extraterrestrials is referred to in the Bible as the "Doctrine of Demons."
40.)  The Bible declares that just before Christ returns again (the Rapture and the Second Coming), it will be a time of danger and a time of deception.  We are in that time period right now.